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How does it work?
You use the banners, buttons and text links that we provide to send visitors to For every visitor that signs up for our driver ed, dmv or permit practice exams you receive $8.00.

You have access to detailed real time statistics from our affiliate manager CCbill that show how many visitors you are sending, where they are coming from and how much your weekly check will be. It's that easy.

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Who can participate?
Anyone, but DMV Test Cash was really created for three groups.

1. Driving students who have used our driver ed practice tests and would like to recommend them to other driver ed students in their class and make some extra money.
2. Instructors and driving schools that would like to earn some extra income recommending our useful product.
3. Driving enthusiasts who have their own website and would like to make some extra money.

Wow, Can it get any better?
Why yes, it can. Once you sign up for DMV Test Cash you can participate in our partner program that pays you a percentage of every sale from other affiliates that you refer. Example: Driving Instructor Jones is an DMV Test Cash affiliate and gets paid $8.00 for every student who signs up under his account. Now, Driving Instructor Jones refers DMV Test Cash to Driving Instructor Brown who begins getting subscription sign ups. Driving Instructor Jones will now make an additional .50 off of every student that subscribes under Drivng Instructor Brown's account.

Is there anything I can't do?

Yes, you cannot Spam. What do we consider SPAM? To begin:

1. Sending out emails to people with the sole purpose of soliciting them for business to DMV Test.
2. Using our banners or links in posts on bulletin boards and chatrooms were it is a direct solicitation.

What you can do is:

1. Put our banner or link on your existing website and earn $8.00 for every person that signs up.
2. Put our banner or link in your email signature that you send to friends and family and earn $8.00 for every person that signs up.
3. Put our banner or link in your bulletin board or chatroom signature where you CONTRIBUTE and earn $8.00 for every person that signs up..
4. Have our link tattooed on your back or chest and have people laugh at you.

So, all that being said. If we get a complaint about one of our affiliates using spam techinques we will give one warning. If it happens a second time the account will be terminated.

Click the button to create a Free DMV test Cash Acount

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