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"I couldn't miss another day of work to stand in line at the DMV. Thanks for helping me pass you guys!

Juan Trujillo - California

Examen de Manejo en Español (Spanish DMV test)

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DMV Test Affiliate Program

Make Money helping other people to pass the DMV test!

How does it work?
You use the banners, buttons and text links that we provide to send visitors to Our application generates a unique link for each affiliate that you can just copy and paste into a webpage or email. For every visitor that signs up for our DMV practice tests you receive 30% of the subscription price. Affiliates have access to detailed real time statistics that show how many visitors you are sending, where they are coming from and how much you have earned. It's that easy.
Who can participate?
Anyone, but our affiliate program was really created for 3 groups of people. 1. Students who have used our DMV tests and would like to recommend them to other students and make some extra money. 2. Driving Instructors who teach driver education classes regularly and would like to earn some extra income recommending our useful product. 3. Owners of driving or drivers ed related websites who would like to make some extra money....
How do I get paid?
The fastest, cheapest and most secure method available right now is Paypal so that is what we use. All we need to pay you is your email address (Sign up for FREE Paypal account). Payouts are made with a 60 day lag tim to prevent fraudulent signups.
Is there anything I can't do?
Yes, you can't Spam. What do we consider SPAM? To begin:

1. Sending out emails to people with the sole purpose of soliciting them for business to
2. Using our banners or links in posts on bulletin boards and chatrooms were it is a violation of their policies.

3 You may not purchase PPC traffic for our domain name or any variation there of.

What you can do is:

1. Put our banner or link on your existing website and earn 30% for every person that signs up.
2. Put our banner or link in your email signature that you send to friends and family and earn 30% for every person that signs up..
3. Put our banner or link in your bulletin board or chatroom signature where you CONTRIBUTE and earn 30% for every person that signs up..
4. Put our link or banner on your website and earn 30% of each sign up that is generated.
5. Have our link tattooed on your back or chest and have people laugh at you.

So, all that being said. If we get a complaint about one of our affiliates using spam techinques we will give one warning. If it happens a second time the account will be terminated. Any sales made through fraudulent means will not be credited to the affiliate.

How do I sign up?
If you are an existing member of login to your members area here . In the upper right of the page you will see "Advertise our site to your friends and earn money" link under Useful Links. Click this link and follow the simple signup process. If you have any questions you can contact support through our helpdesk
If you are NOT an existing member you may sign up on this Affiliate Signup Page

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