This is a sample Georgia driver practice test. It does not have the grading function of our paid exams. It is here to give you some sample driving questions and a look at what our tests look like. If you were signed up for our Georgia written permit tests you would be able to click the "grade test" button at the bottom of the test and the correct answers would be delivered along with the rationale behind each correct question.
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Georgia Driver Practice Test

1. If weather conditions require the use of windshield wipers you are also required to do what?
Flash your lights
Honk your horn
Drive in the right lane
Turn on your headlights

2. It is illegal in Georgia to operate a motor vehicle with a BAC of______ or higher.

3. What is the sign above warning you about?
A stream crossing ahead
Leaving skid marks on the roadway
Drunk drivers
A section of road that is slippery when wet

4. What is a true statement regarding drinking and driving?
The only people that need to worry about it are those who drink
Drinking and driving is a minor offense
Age and fitness level affects your ability to drink and drive
Drinking and driving is a serious problem that everyone needs to be aware of

5. You are driving down a two lane road where there is a child on a bicycle to your right and oncoming traffic approaching on the left. What is the best strategy to pass the child safely?
Pass and give more room to the oncoming traffic
Pass and give more room to the child on the bicycle
Wait for the oncoming traffic to pass and then leave a lot of room to pass the child
None of the above

6. What does the lane to the right, with these markings, represent?
A carpool lane
That the lane you are in is going to end
A truck only lane
None of the above

7. Yellow crosswalks usually signify what?
A school crosswalk
A crosswalk at a major intersection
A crosswalk for bicycles
None of the above

8. What is the sign above warning you about?
Uphill and downhill traffic
Two lane traffic ending
Divided highway ahead
Avoid obstacle in road ahead

9. What is a true statement regarding driving in Georgia?
It is a right
There is no responsibility
It is a privilege
None of the above

10. When turning right at an intersection where there is a red arrow you must do what?
Come to a complete stop before turning
Respect the arrow by slowing down before turning
Come to a complete stop and remain there until the light changes green
All of the above

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